Birth Works® Classes

Childbirth Preparation Classes
Location: Auburn/Newcastle area

Childbirth classes are an outstanding preparation for giving birth to your baby at the hospital, birth center, or at home. Everyone is invited to attend regardless of when or where you’re planning to give birth.

These Childbirth Classes recognize that there is no one right way to labor and birth. Families are encouraged to take classes early in pregnancy, or even prior to pregnancy as this is an optimal time for identifying and exploring beliefs about birth.

Private classes: Private classes are arranged by appointment only. Cost $150 per couple. 2.5 hour class.

Private classes are available by prior arrangement to accommodate your schedule, at your convenience. Short notice is welcomed! Visualize the birth you want for you and your baby, and family. Do it with the intimacy of a private class series in a comfortable private space. The determination of class content is always up to you as well as the number of classes you schedule.  Some of the many recommended topics include pre-conception planning, nutrition, prenatal exercise, routine procedures at birth, understanding labor & comfort measures, routine newborn procedures, breastfeeding, care of the newborn & birth of a family, or planning for a home birth. Private classes are two hours in length.

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Choose childbirth education classes that occur outside of the hospital setting as part of your preparation for birth. Although you will pay more for these classes, you are more likely to get exposure to a wider variety of viewpoints and choices, and more in-depth assistance in methods of coping with labor contractions. Although some hospital classes are good, many hospital-based classes are simply exercises in how to be a good, compliant patient and not question your treatment. Taking a non-hospital childbirth education class does not mean you have to commit yourself to birthing without pain meds, it just means that you will be choosing whether or not to use these with careful knowledge of their risks as well as their benefits, and it will give you non-drug options for coping too.” –KMOM