Labor Doula Support


I have been attending births as a doula since 1990. In addition to being a Licensed Midwife, I still enjoy offering labor support as your doula. Proudly, I am a Certified Birth Works® Doula, since 1998. Past doula certifications included DONA, TOLABOR (ALACE), HypnoBirthing® and the National Association of Childbirth Assistants.

My comprehensive doula service includes at least two prenatal visits. These prenatal doula visits are tailored to meet your immediate interest and needs at your convenience. Some of the topics we can cover are optimal baby positioning, pelvic body work, birth planning options, informed consent, and active labor comfort measures. A favorite exercise I enjoy doing together with you is the practice of slow, deep breathing which induces deep relaxation. This may include guiding you into a highly effective birth visualization while in a state of total relaxation. Additionally, I have collected a fabulous library of A/V and books which are available for loan. I’m always accessible by phone and email should you have any questions. The ultimate, highly personalized benefit of my doula support is my on-call availability for your labor and birth to assist you in being a fully active participant, helping your partner, your baby and you to have a wonderful birth experience. I also provide a follow-up postpartum visit to assist with breastfeeding.

Contact to schedule a FREE consultation. It is a common practice to have an interview before we commit to working together to see if we’re a good fit as a team.

A doula does not monitor vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, baby’s position, perform cervical exams, listen to the baby’s heart beat or labor at home (with exceptions). As a Midwife I am licensed to offer this care and it’s known as a Monitrice service.

Women have always helped women give birth. Traditionally, laboring women were surrounded by family members and experienced women from the community. As childbirth became the domain of the medical profession and women moved into hospitals for birth, women lost their vital connection to one another during this time of intense physical, emotional and spiritual work.

A labor doula provides continuous care for the laboring woman and her partner, and helps them fully experience their birth by offering physical and emotional support.

Doulas understand the natural process of birth, respect it’s spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects, and help facilitate the birth experience for parents, baby, and primary care providers.

The presence of a doula results in shorter labors, a reduced need for pain medication, and improved outcomes for both mother and baby. Nurses, nor doctors are available to provide this vital element of support during labor.

While the benefits of having a doula are enhanced by establishing a relationship early on during your pregnancy, it is not absolutely essential. Occasionally, I’m available right up until the last moment.